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Camera & microphone setup considerations

Troubleshooting webcam & microphone issues

While most webcams will work right away with BombBomb, there are a few factors and sometimes steps needed prior to recording your first video. Here are some steps to help get your camera set up.

We recommend using Google Chrome as a browser for BombBomb. If you find your webcam is not working the way it should, even if you prefer a different browser, downloading and installing Chrome for these steps is a good way to take care of this.

These troubleshooting steps are provided if you use BombBomb in a browser that is not Chrome. It’s also recommended that while working through these steps that you make sure other programs that may be using your camera are not running like Skype, Facetime, etc.

Follow the steps below for troubleshooting if you find yourself more comfortable using BombBomb in a different browser:


1. When opening your browser, the first time you try to use your webcam with BombBomb, this pop-up will appear. Click on the close option to prompt the next action.‚Äč

2. Once you close out of this pop-up, your browser is going to ask your permission to access the webcam for BombBomb. This will normally display at the top of the browser window under the URL bar or inside of the video recorder box. A pop-up will also appear in front of the camera image, asking you to allow camera and microphone access. These pop-ups may look something like these: 



The recorder uses the Adobe Flash Player in browsers aside from Chrome to record videos in your BombBomb account. You may need to update Flash if you are not running the most recent version for your internet browser. If this applies to you, try updating Flash at and then restart your browser after updating.

If using a Mac, follow these steps below to update Flash: 

- Select the apple icon in the top-left of your computer screen and click "System Preferences."
- Double-click the Flash Player icon at the bottom.
- In the "Updates" tab, you will see two different updates and the options to "Check Now" or "Install Now" for each. Go through that check/install process for both plugins.

Then perform these steps to enable Flash in Safari:

- Open the Safari browser.
- Click the Safari icon in upper left corner. 
- Go to "Preferences." 
- Click the Security tab.
- Next to Internet Plugins, click "Plugins Settings."
- Make sure Adobe Flash Player is checked and that it is on for ""


3. The first time you go to record a new video in BombBomb, the Flash Player Settings box will appear to ask your permission to “Allow” or “Deny” the Flash Player to record. Click “Allow." If you do not see this permission box, install the Flash Player.


4. If after clicking “Allow” your webcam does not come on and you only see a gray box, right click in the gray area and click "Settings." From this screen, make sure your camera and microphone are selected in the appropriate tabs.


5. After making updates and it is still not working, try to restart your computer, as sometimes there is a conflict that can be cleared by doing so.  


Below are some additional steps you can take on your Windows or Mac system if you are not getting sound in your videos. If the microphone is not enabled properly, this can cause the Flash Player to not connect with BombBomb:

Windows system troubleshooting


Mac system troubleshooting 


Do you see a green light next to the camera if on a Macbook (Pro or Air)? If not, check with Apple about possible camera troubleshooting steps.


Advanced troubleshooting

1. Security/ firewalls can block the ports necessary for the camera.  Port 1935 is the main one that needs to be open but this article would probably be something good to reference:  A good way to check to see if it is a security issue is by checking the diagnostics.  If you open up the camera in BombBomb and click cntrl+q you can see the diagnostic output.  The diagnostic output will usually tell you if it can't connect.

2. Outdated device drivers can cause problems. Usually you can go out and Google search "driver updates for __________" and insert whatever the make and model of the device is.

Chrome Troubleshooting

If you use the Chrome browser, follow the steps below to troubleshoot any camera/microphone/video issues:

- Restart your computer if you have not yet done so today.
- Go to and make sure your upload speed is at least 3mbps. If not, that is probably the source of your failed/delayed videos.
- Check your Quick Send camera/microphone settings (
- Update your Chrome browser (
- Clear your Internet cache (
- Check/Install for driver updates (
- Uninstall the drivers (
- Go to chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features and click "enable" under the highlighted text that says "Experimental Web Platform Features"

If you still have issues following any or all of the above troubleshooting steps, please contact our Customer Care team at 866.209.4602 and we will be happy to help you!


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