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How do I send videos and snippets through iMessage?

Ever wish you could text a video or a canned response (or both?!) on your iPhone straight from BombBomb without having to log into your account or open up the mobile app? Good news, peeps -- now you can.

Our new BombBomb iMessage app allows you to quickly grab videos or snippets you've already made in BombBomb straight from a text message. This functionality allows you to be even faster at sending videos or messages to your contacts with the least amount of steps possible.

Check out the video above to see how to connect the BombBomb iMessage app and start sending videos and messages through text like a ninja.

*Available for iOS devices only. User must have the BombBomb mobile application downloaded first in order to add the BombBomb iMessage application.

To learn more about creating snippets, click here for the Chrome Extension and PowerWheel walkthrough!

If you'd prefer to read, here's a step by step:


To start, you must already have the BombBomb mobile app downloaded on your phone from the App Store. Also be sure you are logged into the application.


Open a new text message from the text message application. Next to the field where you'd type your text message, you'll see a small arrow pointing to the right. Select this button.


When you do this, you'll see a few options populate in its place. Select the icon that looks like the "A" from the App Store. 


Your BombBomb material will soon be shown here, but we have to add BombBomb first. There will be four circles in the bottom left corner of your screen. Select this icon.


This will show your iMessage library. You'll see that BombBomb is not in your library, so we will need to turn on the BombBomb app so it will populate here. Select the plus sign icon that says "Store."


This will bring up the iMessage App Store. There are three tabs at the top of your screen; select the "Manage" tab.


Find BombBomb in your iMessage applications and slide the switch on. Once it's activated, you'll see the switch turns to a green color.


Select "Done" in the upper right corner and you will see BombBomb populate your iMessage applications.


To send a video or snippet, select the BombBomb iMessage application and you will be shown your video library. You can select any of these videos and it will embed it right inside of your text message. You also have the ability to search through any of your videos. If you select the magnifying glass icon on the right, you can search for whatever video you'd like. 


If you'd like to use a snippet, it is nearly the same process. Select the snippets tab next to "Videos" and select whatever snippet you'd like. Your snippet, both the text and video portion if applicable, will then embed right in your text message.


From this point, just hit "Send" and you'll see it sends a text with a link to the video and the text from your snippet (which you can edit all the way up until you send).

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