Background Images May Not Work in Recipient's Email Clients

Many emails that people build with BombBomb include background images. The difference between background images and regular images is how they are coded in the HTML. Background images allow text to be overlaid on top of it, while normal images do not. Although background images may look better in some cases, they may not work at all in some email clients.

While many email clients support displaying background images in email templates, Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 do not. Since most people are using The newer versions of Outlook, it would be good practice to ensure that the email template you choose uses standard images that are not set as background images.

Images that are inserted with our email editor are never set as background images. However, some templates that are created using pure HTML may use background images. If you are not sure if your template uses background images, simply delete and re-insert the image into your template. Be sure you have the image saved somewhere safe before you do this.

If you require text to be overlaid on top of an image, we suggest that you use an image editor like Photoshop or the free program to put the text there and then upload it again to use in your template.

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