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To record video into BombBomb with the live video recorder you must have several pieces of software installed on your computer. Each of these software products have their own settings, behaviors and needs that require attention. Think of it as the automotive equivalent of changing the oil, washing the windshield and giving your engine a tune-up.

Plugins, extensions, add-ons or whatever your preferred browser's manufacturer calls them, they all serve to provide added functionality to your browser.

Your browsing experience is effected by your hardware (Mac, PC, mobile device), your operating system (Mac OS, Windows, Linux, mobile OS), your choice of browser and its settings and the settings of plugins installed into your browser AND operating system1.

For you to be able to record video live, all of these parts must be working well together.

Flash Player


In order to record videos you must have the Flash Player plugin added to your browser of choice.

Get Flash Player -

Flash Play Settings Manager Help -

Flash Player help -

Codec Guide 11 fixes for sound problems in Flash videos -

Flash Media Server Port Test

The BombBomb app must be able to talk to the video recording server known as the Flash Media Server. This communication is done through channels known as ports. The port must be open and accessible for recording to work. Test your computer's port status for the Flash Media Server (Geek stuff: RTMP/RTMPT [TCP] Port 1935).

Operating Systems


Windows makes use of the DirectX video rendering software and is part of the mix of items that make recording videos possible. Like any other peice of software, DirectX needs care and feeding as well.

  • Diagnosing basic problems with DirectX
  • DirectX Problems
  • MSDN DirectX Developer Center
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot basic problems with DirectX
  • Microsoft Fix-it Center
  • Repair DirectX 11 Problems Before Windows Lags



Flash Player Help / Troubleshoot games, video, audio | Flash Player | Mac


Apple Safari

Google Chrome

Recent versions of Google Chrome come with Flash included. To manage Chrome's cache settings and Adobe Flash Clear browser cache from the Tools menu select Clear browser data ...

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Check Plugins

Visit to check whether your Flash plugin is installed and if it is up to date.

Problem Plugins

AdBlock Plus - - can be configured to allow certain Flash objects.

Connection Testing

Speed Testing

See, How to Test Your Internet Connection.

Speed testing is a test of your network bandwidth.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a value representing the amount of capacity your connection can carry.

Rural Road vs Super Slab

The best analogy of bandwidth is to think of highways. A two-lane road is dial up while a 8 lane freeway is your cable speeds.

Both highways have a speed of 55 MPH but one can have two cars at a time and the other is 8 cars at a time.

Ping Test

Go to

Ping test is a test of connection quality whereas the speed test is a test of connection quantity, or capacity.

Ping testing tests how good of a connection you have. To reuse the highways analogy above, the ping test is testing how good those two or 8 lanes of asphalt are. Does your road have a lot of pot holes? For network connections three primary values are considered, packet loss, jitter and ping.

Losing any packets is bad, if you have packet loss check your network cables for starters.

Jitter is the difference in time between successive pings. Zero jitter means the results were exactly the same every time.

Ping is a round trip time measurement. A good connection should be under 100 ms.


1Some browser plugins have part(s) installed to the operating system as a supporting piece of software for the browser plugin component.

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