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What is a "relationship score?"



The relationship score is a great tool to help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by looking at how your contacts engage with the content you send them. Now you can tell just by looking at the relationship score next to a contact what your interaction with them is like!

Points are awarded based on contact interaction with your email - if a contact opens, clicks, or plays an email, points are given. Points expire 90 days after the interaction. 

Here's how points are attributed to your contact's interaction with your communication:


 Email Open  1 pt
 Video Play  5 pts
 Link Click  10 pts
 Social Share  25 pts
 Form Fill  25 pts
 Reply with Video  100 pts


The way the point scale works is pretty easy; as your contacts interact with your communication, the strength of that relationship (or "relationship score") goes up! Remember that points have a lifespan of 90 days, so if somebody opens your email today, that point will go away in 90 days. You'll have some work to do to keep your scores up and your relationships strong. Get it? 

Here's how the scale works. You can see the actual score of the individual by hovering over the smiley icon in the list screen or by clicking on the email address to access the contact details screen:


  The Bomb! 100+ points
    Great 51-99 points
    Good 6-50 points
     Decent 2-5 points
    Weak 0-1 point


So how do you use this information? Well, that's the fun part! You can use relationship scores in several ways. For example, you might try and target a communication to your weakest relationships to try to get them more engaged with your content, thereby boosting their score. Or, you might send a communication that has a stronger call to action to fill out a form, click a link, or best of all - reply with a video! It's really up to you - the goal is to be building relationships with your contacts and now we're excited to offer you a new way to do just that. 

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