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Your Suppression List - What it is and where to find it

The purpose of this post is to give you an overview of your suppression list in the BombBomb video email marketing software.

Check out the video above to hear our Vice President of Marketing talk about the suppression list.

So what is the suppression list, anyway?

Your suppression list is a valuable function of our video email service. We automatically keep track of all the email addresses in your lists to which no more emails should be sent. So, when you send a new email or video email to one of your lists, we make sure that the suppressed contacts who are on that list do not get sent that email.

That may sound like a bad thing. Why wouldn’t BombBomb deliver your email to every address on the list? Short answer: for your benefit and for ours. Medium answer: we both have reputations to maintain. Repeatedly sending emails to people who either can’t receive or don’t want to receive your emails is bad for both of us.

Your suppression list is comprised of email addresses that are opt-outs, invalids, and abuse complaints.

1. Suppressed – typically means that a list of contacts was uploaded to your suppression list

2. Suppressed – Manually – This is a contact that has been added to the suppression list manually through the contact details screen
3. Invalid Address Suppressed Hard Bounced – These email addresses were rejected by the recipient's mail server due to any number of reasons.
4. Reported Abuse  Suppressed Abuse Complaint- Someone has reported your email as spam and has been removed from your mailing list.

5. Suppressed – User Global Opt Out – These contacts have willingly opted out of all of your email lists and campaigns.

The suppression list can be downloaded as a CSV file.  A suppression list can also be imported into BombBomb from another program using a CSV file.

It's also important to note that contacts on the suppression list do not count against your total contacts and your subscription level. 

With all of that in mind, it's also important not to delete your suppression list or remove users fromit. Any users you delete from your suppression list may potentially be sent emails in the future, which negatively impacts your reputation and ours. You should only remove or unsuppress users if they have contacted you and asked to continue receiving emails from you.

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