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How to Set up your Salesforce Integration

Get Connected

BombBomb's Salesforce integration let's you import contacts and leads from Salesforce and keeps Salesforce in the loop with all the activity in your BombBomb account. If you're a Salesforce user, you can activate the integration for your BombBomb account from the Integrations page in your profile. Simply click Connect, log in to Salesforce, and click the Allow button.

Sync your lists from Salesforce

When you connect to the Salesforce Integration, you'll get a new button on your Contacts page:

Clicking this link will present you a list of your Contact and Lead ListViews in your Salesforce account. Check the boxes next to the lists you want to work with in BombBomb, and click the button at the bottom of the popup.

Once you've chosen what lists you want to work with, you can bring in the contacts from Salesforce by pressing the Sync from Salesforce button. You can now send emails to these lists easily through BombBomb!

BombBomb Events in Salesforce

With the integration active, BombBomb will forward events from your BB account onto leads or contacts in SF.
These events include:
  1. Email Sent
  2. Email Opened
  3. Email Clicked
  4. Video Played
  5. List Joined
  6. List Unsubscribed
  7. Contact Suppressed
  8. Form Fill
These events appear in Salesforce in the Activity History for leads and contacts as Completed Tasks.

Who and When

If there is no contact or lead in Salesforce with a matching email address, the integration will not be able to track these activities in Salesforce. We do not attempt to create leads or contacts for you. To conserve Salesforce API calls, updates are performed about every five minutes, so it may take a moment for interactions to appear in Salesforce.

Choosing Events

You can configure which events you wish to send to Salesforce in the settings page for your Salesforce Integration. It's important to only select the events that will be valuable to you. These events will take up both storage and API calls in your Salesforce account.


Throttling Salesforce API Usage

Salesforce sets limits as to how many API calls can be sent to your organization per day. This limit is usually set to 1000 calls per Salesforce user account per day. BombBomb does its very best to be judicious in not over-utilizing the Salesforce API. However if you use your BombBomb account to send many thousands of emails, we will have to make a number of calls to represent that activity in Salesforce. 

You can control how much BombBomb talks to Salesforce in two ways: 
  • First, we recommend you only send the events to Salesforce that are most valuable to you. For example, consider not sending EmailSent events, instead only tracking Opens, Clicks and Plays.
  • If you're still using too much API capacity, we offer a Limiter you can set to throttle how many calls we'll make in a 24 hours period. If you enable this limiter, and you reach the limit, subsequent events in the rolling 24 hour period will not be sent.

Editions that are Compatible with BombBomb

Salesforce provides programmatic access to your organization's information using a simple, powerful, and secure application programming interface, the Apex Web Services API (the API).

To use the API, your organization must be on one of the following 4 editions.  Note that this feature is enabled by default:

1. Enterprise Edition
2. Unlimited Edition
3. Developer Edition
4. Performance Edition

The API package is not available for the following editions:

1. Contact Edition
2. Group Edition
3. Professional Edition*

If you are an existing Salesforce customer and want to upgrade to either Enterprise or Unlimited Edition, contact your Account Executive.

NOTE:  Certified partner applications, such as the PE version of the Excel Connector, are granted an API token once they have completed a security review. This API token is sometimes referred to as a "Client ID". API requests identified with a certified partner application's API token are allowed to operate with Professional Edition orgs. More information on Partner Certification can be found here:

*Professional can have API Temporarily turned on by contacting their Account Executive.  Professional can also purchase API by contacting their Account Executive.
Please review the article: Enabling API

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