5/16/17 - Email Design with Results in Mind




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    Jeremy Schopper

    Awesome webinar! This was real helpful. Thank you.

    Would you mind sharing the "Personalization Through Segmentation: Providing Value to Every Customer" video. I was hoping to check that one out. 

    Thanks so much!

    Jeremy Schopper


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    Donna Kelly

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks so much for your comment! Following this webinar, we actually polled attendees to give them a few options on the next most helpful webinar topic. In result, we actually ran a webinar focusing on email Automations instead.

    Good news, though! We’re in the process of creating a training course specifically geared toward List Segmentation. It will be self-paced, but if you’re interested, we can let you know just as soon as it is available! Is this something you'd like us to notify you of?

    Please let me know. And if there's anything else you need help with, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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