How do I set up my Follow Up Boss (FUB) integration?




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    Stephanie Crawford

    I have the API set up, but I REALLY wish the data flowed backward too. I generally create a monthly video that I send out to segments of my database directly from BombBomb - some 2500 people. The database transfer works, which is great. But I'd love to be able to see who opened and clicked my emails inside the FUB dashboard. I'd even be okay uploading this info via spreadsheet. It's a hole in your API and I'm wondering if it's on the roadmap? If I'm not mistaken, Mailchimp data flows back - why not BombBomb?

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    Donna Kelly

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for your comment!

    The best way to get this onto our roadmap, if it's not already, is to submit a feature request. Just visit this link and share the information you've shared here, and our development team will take a look to see if it is something we can do!

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