How do I insert a YouTube or Animoto video into my email?




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    Nancy Deichman

    How do I remove a few frames at the end of a video, for instance to cut off the step where someone would reach to their computer and turn off the video they are self recording?  Thank you,

    Teri Johnson

    Assistant to the owner of this account, Nancy Deichman

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    Donna Kelly


    Hi Teri,

    Thanks for your comment! BombBomb does not offer video editing software. However, we highly recommend the mobile app Clips, which lets you do exactly what you're asking for - trim off the ends of your video, as well as adding text to your video, adding graphics to your video, several other video editing functions.

    Check out our blog post on Clips where we walk through step by step on exactly how to use this application to edit videos:

    If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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