Branded Templates Available through Integrations



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    David Brown

    Hi Adrian!

    Thank you for your Feature Request submission! As we continue to expand our integrations, we are always looking for ways to make them better, and more comprehensive.

    We will definitely keep this in mind as we continue to partner with new companies, or make changes to existing integrations.

    If you need anything else, please feel free to write us at


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    MaryAnn Markowitz

    Hey, me too on this one. I use Contactually and I am looking forward to it feeling more integrated. I found out about BB via Contactually and have been surprised by some of the features, like templates, that are not available. 


    Mary Ann 

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    Scott Jackson


    Is this something that is currently under development? We are frustrated that our templates aren't available from gmail.



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    David Brown

    Hi Scott!

    We definitely get this question frequently, and the short answer is, all of our integrations are built differently, and some we do not actually have a hand in building. Because we offer an open API key, other companies are able to build an integration with us without us providing any assistance. 

    With that being said, we would love it if templates could be integrated into more of our integrations, but it is not on our Product Roadmap to add templates for Gmail or other existing integrations at this time.

    For Chrome users, you can utilize the Chrome Extension which allows you to send a quick send email from wherever you are in the browser. Here is an article on how to utilize that extension: How to Install the Chrome Extension

    You can also record a video through the Chrome Extension, and copy the HTML for that video to paste into other platforms. 


    I hope this explanation helps, but we will continue to track these requests.

    Thank you!

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