Adding Contacts- Preventing Duplication



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    David Brown

    Hi Crystal!

    Great news! We already do this! Whenever you upload a contact with the same email address, we do not duplicate that contact and it will not count more than once towards your subscription total.

    As an example, if you have in your past client list, and you then upload a new .csv file with that same email address, we recognize that is already a contact and does not need to be re-imported into that list.

    I really hope this helps, but if you have any other questions please let us know by emailing


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    The Island Team

    To clarify - if I am sending the same email video to 3 different lists at the same time and a person(same person with same email) is on all 3 lists - will it only send one to them?

    I am assuming you can have someone on multiple lists - but want to make sure if I send to multiple lists they will only get 1 email.



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    David Brown

    Hi Michelle!

    Thank you for your clarifying question! If you send to 3 different lists at the same time, and you have a contact in more than just one of those lists, our system will recognize that the contact is in multiple lists and will only send to that individual one time.

    If you need any more clarification please let me know! 

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