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    David Brown

    Hi Dallas!

    Thank you for your integration request!

    While we do not have an active integration with RedTail, I can put in a feature request with our development team. I recommend reaching out to RedTail about integrating as well, as most of our integrations are built by the opposite party. 

    Since developing integrations is time consuming, you could also check out Zapier or PieSync, which are third-party integration tools. Here is an article from Zapier that explains how their connection between BombBomb and RedTail works: 

    Also, check out this support article for a possible workaround solution:


    If you have any further questions about your integration, let us know. We are happy to help!

    Best regards,



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    Michael Snowhite, CFF®

    I Would need Redtail


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    Your FCG Team

    Hello Bomb Bomb Developers -

    My name is Kim Wheeler and I am the Marketing and Database Strategist for Financial Cornerstone Group in Florida.  We are excited to join the Bomb Bomb team and offer video communications. 

    However, we use Redtail CRM to manage our database and it would really streamline our workflow process if Bomb Bomb would integrate with Redtail like others have.  This way it would eliminate the extra steps of exporting and importing a properly formatted CSV every time we want to blast out a message.

    Please consider adding this feature and be sure and email us when you do!

    Thank you!

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