Texting Features!



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    David Brown

    Hi Travis!

    Thank you for your feature request! We are definitely aware of this desired feature, and will continue to track the requests we get.

    If there is anything else we can do please let me know!

    Have a great day!

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    Michael Visvadra

    Definitely would like to see this added as well. We are not using BombBomb and it's features as much as we would like because  this feature is not included. I am currently sending text messages from our CRM rather than BombBomb and it's an extra step that I would like to remove. If this feature was added, we use of the software would increase substantially.  Thanks


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    Mark Smith

    Same here.  If you can record a video via the mobile platform, you should also be able to record a video from the BombBomb platform (or, via the CRM you're using, such as SalesForce) and then click a button to "text" the video. 

    Here's why:  

    20% of e-mails are opened

    29% of tweets are read

    12% of facebook posts are read

    98% of text messages are opened. 

    Those statistics are, actually, super-super powerful.  I can send a video through bombBomb...via Sales force or the platform.  But I can't text it - and texting is how you can get immediate engagement.  Half of my Realtors won't respond to an e-mail or call, but will respond to a text.   

    While we can text - the added steps are a pain.  I don't want to have to create the video, save the video, link the video, and then send the link via text....I'd rather just create the video, and text the video.  Done.  You have it on the mobile platform - we need it on the BombBomb platform and as an integration within Jungo.  



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    John Sickels

    I agree! We need this feature! I only have mobile numbers for my Top 100 lead list because we just don't email each other. Being able to text from the .com interface would be invaluable.

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    Kelli Lang

    I'd love these features as well!! What a time saver that would be!

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    Dawn Wilson

    I would also love to have this feature added

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    Knifie Burks

    Yes this would be a great feature.  Has it been set up? 

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    Devry Davis

    Please add this feature soon. We don't need tracking on the texts. It would greatly improve our ability if we could send one video to a list of 100 or so agents thru their text. Please please please add mass texting ability to the app both mobile and website. 

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