Better Integration w/ Realvolve and other CRMS



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    David Brown

    Hi Ed!

    Thank you for your post! Because we have an open API key, that allows anyone who knows how to develop to build an integration with our platform.

    Because of that, we do not always have a hand in building every integration. We definitely aim to partner with as many companies as possible.

    We will definitely take your feedback into consideration, and if there is anything else we can help with please let me know!

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    Dale Warner

    Hi Ed,  Realvolve DOES have an advanced sync with BombBomb. 

    You can sync certain contact lists in BombBomb with certain tags in Realvolve automatically.  When sending BombBomb videos through the Realvolve server, you'll see the tracking on opens and clicks in Realvolve, but not how long an individual watched a video.  Advanced video tracking is only in BombBomb at this point.  Stay-tuned for updates.


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